Celebrity Spotlight


Brian Harold May CBE


Born on 19th July 1947

Now aged 71 years of age.

Height 1.87 m 6ft 1inch

Born in Hampton London in the UK


Anita Dobson married in 2000

Married Chrissie Mullen 1974-1988


Emily Ruth May, Jimmy May, Louise May

He is said to be worth $175 million dollars.

He is an English musician, singer and songwriter.

He was lead guitarist in Rock Band Queen.

Famous for Bohemian Rhapsody to name one song that was eventually made into a Film.



He is also an astrophysicist

He studied maths and physics at Imperial College London.

He graduated with a BSc(Hons) degree.

Also ARCS in physics with Upper Second-Class Honours.

He studied for a PhD degree at Imperial College where he studied reflected light from interplanetary dust and also the velocity of dust in the plane of the Solar System.

In 2006 he re-registered to do his PhD  and finally graduated in May 2008 after submitting his thesis in August 2007

Brian May is heavily involved in animal welfare.

He formed a group to promote animal welfare ‘Save Me’ named after the Queen song.

He is particularly interested in badgers and the hunting of foxes.

He is said to have wanted to be remembered over his animal rights work than for his music.

Prediction for the Next Year


A much better year than last year, which is good news.

You will solve some problems that you have tried to ignore.

Your creativity will have a chance to glow this year.

It looks as if someone will want you to write a book and chase you to sign that you will.

You will definitely do at some point when you can fit it in.

Someone will get married in your family which will be a grand event.

Also a new baby will be on the way.

There will be a link with you for clothes in some way maybe sports clothes. It could be connected with one of your family.

You will think about having your portrait painted.

You will receive some other honouree title in the future.

You will buy a beautiful house by the sea.

Problems with a phone and a security system will have to be sorted out.

Finances go from great to greater.

You will be involved in a big venture taking place in London.