Celebrity Spotlight

Ed Sheeran

Born under the sign of Aquarius which is a Sun sign.

21january-18 February 2019

Edward Christopher

He was born 17th February 1991

He is British

He is 27 years of age.

He is 1.73 m tall, that is only 5ft 6in.

He was born in Hebden Bridge in the United Kingdom.

He has one brother.

He is engaged to Cherry Seaborn his childhood sweetheart.

He is estimated to be worth $110 million dollars.

He is a very famous pop and folk singer and also an occasional rapper and actor as well.

English singer, songwriter, he plays the guitar is a record producer and also an actor.

He has written many songs for other famous artists such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Oily Muirs forexample as well as for himself.

Up to date he has sold more than 38 million albums and over 100 million singles.

He is one of the world’s best selling artists musically.

His tour has made more money than any other tour in the history of music.

He has a beautiful voice and won peoples hearts all over the World.

He began recording music in 2004.

In 2012 he won the Brits awards for best British Male Solo Artist.

He is a self-made musician.

He has a ketchup bottle tattooed on his arm.


Predictions for the following year


A book will be published about his life, it could even be an autobiography.

Also talks will take place about a film depicting his life.

He is obviously going to be a marvellous success as his career seems to be getting better and better.

He seems to do no wrong.

There will be discussion about children and in the future he will have one or two children.

He will invest in a Hotel or some kind of complex that will be very lucrative.

He will buy a property on a beautiful island and in the future think about actually buying an island.

He is of course destined  for higher things given his already huge success.

He will work very hard and at one point you could say that he is a work aholic.

He will be given a personal award for his contribution to music.

Letters after his name are a certainty.

He will also give generously to charity and even set up a charity.

He will have more hits.

He will be asked to write and also feature eventually in a musical.

He will mix with certain royalty and be highly respected.