Celebrity Spotlight

Naomi Elaine Campbell



She was born on 22 May 1970.

She is now 48 years of age.

She was born in Streatham in London

She is 1,77 m in height, which is five feet 9 and a half inches.

She has two brothers.

Her mother Valerie Morris was a Jamaican Dancer and still looks really youthful at aged sixty- four.

She has no children.

Naomi was recruited when she was only 15 years of age and is now a model actress and businesswoman.

She was one of the most famous models in the late 1980s.

She is said to be worth £60 million.

She is said to date younger men.

She has received some awards amongst which are the following.

She has received a Glamour Award for TV personality.

A CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

A glamour Award for Outstanding Contribution.


Predictions for the Following Year


1.Career and business is highlighted this coming year and will get to at an important stage with decisions to make that could be a bit awkward.

2.Your romantic feelings towards someone will be very strong and get even stronger, but you may have problems talking about this to your partner.

3.Decisions to be made in July that will be of a financial nature.

4.December will be important where romance is concerned.

5. You will consider buying a property in another Country.

6. A romantic partner much younger than you, could cause some difficulties around November.

7. You will be asked to write a book about your life in fact there will be a few books eventually that will be quite lucrative for you.

8.You will need to take time out to chill and lose that anxiety that builds up.