Celebrity Spotlight

Born on 7th of October 1959 aged 60 this year.

He was born in London.

He is 1.75 m that is 5ft 7inches tall.

Never been married

His Partner is Lauren Silverman aged 42 years of age since 2013

Has a son aged five Eric Cowell

He has several properties, two in LA.

He is said to be worth £380 million pound.

He is a musical Judge a Businessman and a talent manager.

He is also a television producer and record producer.

He started his career at EMI

He started judging the X Factor in 2011 and was involved with America’s Got Talent in 2015.

He was famous for his sarcastic yet honest comments but seems to have mellowed in recent times.

He is a vegetarian.

He also loves animals and has two dogs himself.


Predictions for the next twelve-month


He will be in talks over a new show idea.

He will start to encourage his son slowly into show business, as he will show quite a lot of talent, which will soon be obvious to everyone.

A health problem will have to be sorted out and a new health regime stuck to.

Finances will go up and up and not be a problem at all.

He will be involved in a business project in America.

He will also look at a property in America that he is interested in.

He will be more involved with animals and put quite a lot of money into one project connected with animals.

He will publish a book, which will go very well and will be followed closely by another.

He will also devise a line of clothing that will also sell very well too.

He will spend a lot more time abroad as he gets older.