Sophia 7419


Sophia found she could see the future when she began studying meditation and experiencing visions. She then learned that her great-grandmother, Marie-France, was a psychic in Normandy, and that the gift had passed to her. Sophias readings are caring, compassionate and inspirational. With the use of her tarot cards and pendulum, she will help you on your journey towards light and love.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Psychic


  • Tarot Cards
  • Pendulum


  • Love/relationships
  • Career/work
  • Destiny/life path


Testimonials for Sophia

Had an absolutely brilliant reading today with Sophia. She is down to earth, no nonsense and will answer your questions without judgement,just gives very clear and reassuring answers using her astounding psychic ability. She was incredibly accurate, and gave me tremendous hope for the future giving timing on things, and such an accurate reading of different peoples characters who were a part of my reading its as if she actually knew them. I will be getting readings again with Sophia in the future without a doubt, she is just really great to talk to and has an excellent gift. One of the best.


Reader Reviewed: Sophia 5 Stars