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Kerry is 10 stars …one if the best .. many prediction come true

– Trevor

time upon checking and I was cut off immediately. I was so worried you’d think I didnt enjoy my reading!
It was excellent and I will be back.
Michelle gave me excellent insight into my problems and told me directly what I needed to do to resolve this. Thank you, Michelle.

– Olivia

Wanted to write to you with regards to a recent reading I had with Rachael. I was absolutely astounded by the accuracy of the information I was given. She went into great detail about a factory move I was undertaking. She didn’t ask me anything and certainly didn’t dig and delve!  I feel that you should champion this reader within your organisation as her information is informative, accurate and extremely helpful. Keep up the good work you and your company do. It’s a great service to myself, friends and family. – November 2014

– SG

I’ve had numerous readings from Susie, she is incredibly genuine, intelligent and caring, whilst her readings offer really fantastic, detailed and intelligent insights. She’s also an outstanding counsellor and I always go away feeling a great comfort and sense of optimism.

5 stars….

– J

Victoria is the best Psychic you’ve ever had! Her integrity and honesty is astounding.

– D

Zoe is so genuine and always on point! Many times I have doubted what she says only to be proven wrong!! Zoe is very honest and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, she tells you how it is, using no tools! She is always fully booked but always tries to fit me in. Honestly, I am so thankful I have met Zoe, she is such a great genuine reader.Thank you Zoe!!

– Nik


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Elizabeth Rose Psychics have been providing professional and trusted telephone readings for over two decades. Our success lies in the quality of our excellent psychics and their ability to connect on all levels. We are proud to offer some of the best psychics in the industry – most have worked with us for many years. Our dedicated reception team are experienced, friendly and only too happy to help.

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Jackie is a a natural psychic Remote Viewer reader from birth and has been reading for professional platforms for over 15 years. Jackie has had many celebrity clients affirming her credibility and confidentiality. Jackie reads from the vibration of your voice and energies that are around you in our time here in the earth classroom. Your reading with her will be honest, blunt and straight to the point aiding you to choose your best path to follow because as a psychic she cant tell you what to do but show you the optional paths in front of you to make informed decisions yourself. Jackie can do past lives readings – past lives can influence why we react the way we do now. Jackie tries her best not to leave you confused about the messages or predictions that come through on your reading and she looks forward to helping you become the best version of yourself.

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Weekly Horoscope



May 21st - June 20th You will need to talk with someone at a bank or of someone of some financial nature to sort out a current problem. A small gift like chocolates or flowers will warm your heart. You will look at some materials with a view to do with something in your home. Gardeners will think about introducing water to their garden and look around this weekend to see what is on offer.


May 21st - June 20th You will be itching for a break from work and the home routine, your wish will soon come true with a weekend break or trip that will re-charge your batteries. A dispute over a boundary fence or piece of ground could escalate if you are not careful and tactful. Romance is in the air for those having just a friendship, it seems that it could develop into love suddenly.


May 21st - June 20th You will feel that someone is wasting your time and you will devise a plan to retreat from them. However, you will need to keep focused on what is going on with a situation in your family and be ready to give some advice if needed. The finances will look up and you will think about investing some money in some way. A long-haul holiday will interest you and you will discuss it with someone close to you.


May 21st - June 20th You will feel that a loved one has let you down in some way and you will put some space between you while you think about things. You will arrange a short break where there are lakes or rivers, which will make you feel recharged. You will be concerned by one person’s behaviour in the workplace and decide to speak to someone in authority about it. Gardeners will be tempted to spend more than they intended on beautiful plants.


May 21st - June 20th You will feel a bit annoyed about work in some way and you will decide to have a word with someone about it. You will also think about moving from where you are living, you will find the ideal place quite quickly but it will be a bit more travelling for you so you will think about it before taking any action. A surprise visit from an old friend will put you in a good mood.


May 21st - June 20th You will be concerned about an older person whose behaviour seems a bit odd and you will ask someone close for their opinion about it all. A trip might well have to be rearranged and it will not be your fault. It looks like a colleague will want to chat with you about something, try not to take sides be as neutral as possible. You will think about making a special cake for someone close to you.


May 21st - June 20th You will be able to get hold of that book at last and chill out this weekend. However, you will soon get the urge to start decorating and changing your home in some way. You will try and talk to a reluctant someone to help you!! A small amount of cash is soon coming your way, which you will think about using to put as a deposit on a holiday. Some good news from a different country will be rather exciting.