Tarot Cards

At Elizabeth Rose we have many experienced Tarot Card readers which use this tool along with their natural gift of being psychic and clairvoyant.

Tarot Cards have been used since the late 14th Century and believe to have originated in Egypt. However, their first use was documented in Northern Italy. Initially, Tarot Cards were hand painted and this was extremely time consuming. Therefore, the initial amount of decks in circulation was very small. With the advent of printing presses, the Tarot Cards were then mass produced and their popularity soared.

Tarot cards were originally used for playing games, much like a standard card deck we all use today. Each Tarot Card has a drawing or picture and a reader and this is deemed to be relevant to the person it dealt to. An experienced Tarot Card reader will be able to impart information given from the cards to pass on to their client.

The most popular Tarot Card Deck used today is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. That being said, all readers find their own deck through years of research and find a deck that they are drawn to. They then practise their skills and look after their deck with as much devotion as they would give a family member!

Tarot Cards are drawn out and made into a ‘spread’. There are various spreads available for readers to draw upon, for example, the Celtic Cross spread is extremely popular and used by many Tarot Card readers. If you are happy to, inform your reader which area/s of your life you would like to look into and then they are able to draw a specific spread relating to career, love, finances etc. The following is a general guideline into which spread answers which questions:

Celtic Cross – A general Tarot Card spread which will cover most areas of your life.

Relationship Spread – This Tarot Card spread will look into the needs and views of both parties.

Birthday Spread – This Tarot Card spread will help you decide on a course of action to achieve your goals before your next birthday.

Mandala Spread – This Tarot Card spread will help you explore your spiritual side.

Star Guide Spread – This Tarot Card spread is used when a very specific question needs answering.

Past Life Spread – This Tarot Card spread is used to delve into your past lives and how they may be affecting your current life.

Dream Exploration Thread – This Tarot Card Spread can help you unravel the mystery of a recent or recurring dream.

Tree of Life Spread – This Tarot Card Spread is an extremely thorough way of analyzing and exploring our mind, spirit and body and can help you understand if you have psychic abilities.

Cross and Triangle Spread – This Tarot Card spread is used when you wish to explore the direction your life is going.


You may wish to look into furthering your own abilities of reading Tarot Cards and the internet is a wonderful tool to use. It will help you choose a deck and explain the different spreads and meanings associated with the cards that are drawn. Practise on yourself first and then find like minded friends to help you develop your skills by drawing spreads for them!