Why Is My Boyfriend Hot And Cold With Me? by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

There are many reasons why a new boyfriend may blow hot and cold.

If the relationship is fairly new, then he might not know what his feelings are.

He may even feel a bit nervous, especially if he has recently come out of a relationship himself.

He may be just messing you about because he does not know what he wants.

Of course, he may be playing the field and have one or two others on the go until he makes his mind up who he wants.

One thing is for sure if he keeps coming back then there is some attraction and he does like you, but what you want to know is to what extent and will it last.

Sometimes he just wants to play it cool and see how you react.

Some just carry on though, seeing others and playing hot and cold all their lives, because at the end of the day they do not really want to commit.

So, it is not your fault, they would be same with anyone else.

Other’s use is as a strategy, playing mind games to make you keener.

It is a way a man has power over you and the relationship.

Some men use it as a way to make you contact them and hope that you do the running.

Sometimes a lot is going on in his life that he has to deal with, so you will have to give him time to work things out, as you will not be his priority.

Some men panic when feelings start to develop between you, and they draw back to see how they feel about the relationship and the future of it.

It can be very frustrating and upsetting when a man behaves like this in a relationship.

I will give you some tips next month on how to deal with someone who behaves like this.

Sophia – Day In The Life Of A Psychic (7)

Day In The Life Of A Psychic (7)

When I used to live in London, I used to attend a spiritual group which, for the purposes of this blog, I am going to call the Divine Heart, run by a Cockney guru who I will call Smithy. At the very first meditation I attended, I had a vision in which I saw the dark sphere of a planet with emerald, orange and blue light around it.

‘Those are the colours that you need in order to heal,’ Smithy told me.

And then, over the course of the ensuing conversation, I must have mentioned something about some of the difficult people in my life. And Smithy gave me a piece of wise advice which has remained with me ever since, that, as the more spiritually evolved being, I had to take a greater share of the responsibility for whichever relationship was concerning me.

Then another member of the group, a very polite Englishman whom I will call Alistair, began to discuss the pain of unrequited love. He said that he had once sent a Faberge egg to a former lover, but that despite the beauty of the gift, the object of his affection had not responded. That tale makes me think of some of my lovely clients at Elizabeth Rose/Moon Predictions: kind, nurturing people who are giving their precious energy and attention to those who may not in fact be worthy of it. After all, we all have a finite level of energy and attention – these are our Faberge eggs – and when we give these away, we need to ensure that a level of reciprocity meets our efforts.

At the next spiritual meeting of the Divine Heart, there was a very young, good-looking girl called Chelsea. She seemed very popular with the other members of the group and it was difficult not to feel a bit jealous when Smithy gave her a fleece to wear because she was cold. But then, funnily enough, jealousy proved to be the theme of the meditation. As I shut my eyes and Smithy incanted the Divine Heart mantra, I saw a green knight stab a green girl with a vicious lance. These visionary images recalled the pictures of my Gilded tarot pack. The green knight was the Knight of Pentacles, and the green girl was the Page of Pentacles, and when I read tarot, I often associate these cards with jealousy and envy. The association with Pentacles can mean that these difficult emotions are linked with coins or money, and with the feeling that someone else is doing better or outshining us.

However, one of the ways in which I learned to cope with my own jealousy was to realise that we are all on our own paths, and that what is right and appropriate for someone else might be entirely wrong for me. In fact, after this quite powerful meditation, I never really suffered from jealousy again. It was as if it had been ‘killed’ for me. Instead, I learned to focus on improving my own life, and to regard other people’s achievements as a source of inspiration rather than envy.

In the rest of the vision, I saw some nice, spiritual women wearing rather Biblical headscarves, and I thought possibly they represented the new friends I was making at psychic college. I remember thinking that these healthy, positive friendships were where I should be directing my energy, rather than wasting my time on destructive and draining emotions. In the meditation, I rested in this pleasant vale with these pleasant women until it was time to knock on a door of light on a mountainside. I remember knocking really hard but still the door would not open for me – until, finally, it did. I entered the light.

I don’t exactly know that that vision meant but I do know that throughout my life, persistence and determination have been crucial to achieving what I wanted. But then, it’s worth remembering that what looks like overnight success may in fact have many years of dedicated study behind it. In my own case, I studied meditation online for two years, and then I studied for four years at psychic college before I applied to work at Elizabeth Rose/Moon Predictions. And now we are coming out of lockdown, there are still many new things I want to learn and explore

Ancient Ways to Predict the Future by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

People have tried to predict the future since the beginning of time, and they have used some very strange things and rituals to do it.


Hieromancy is one of the ancient ways they used, which is divination using entrails of animals or humans using them as a sacrifice. Sometimes the animals were alive, and they studied the entrails as they dropped. This gory practice was also known by other names, and it was popular in Greece and gradually spread throughout the world. In a ritual an animal would be sacrificed and their internal organs with especial attention to the liver which would be inspected carefully. A healthy liver was a good sign for the future but if the liver was not healthy or lacked a lobe then it was believed that doom was imminent. A defect in the animal’s heart was also very bad news, but a healthy heart was very good news.

Extra bloodiness was also not a good sign. There is not much information on how they interpreted the entrails and predicted the future with them, but it was used for many centuries. Bronze life-sized sheep’s livers have been unearthed in the past and they were marked with the names of different gods in each quadrant. So maybe they were used for educational purposes.


Using the blood and bodily fluids however had a category of its own and was called Dririmancy. This practice was usually performed in conjunction with Hieromancy, but it could be used on its own, as it was considered a different practice.

Human sacrifices that were offered would crackle as they burnt, and these crackling sounds would be used to make predictions for the future.

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