Celebrity Spotlight


He is one of the most famous soccer players in the World.

Born 5th February 1985

He is 34 years of age

Height is 6ft 2inches

He grew up in Madeira in Portugal

At 15 years of age he had an operation to correct an

Irregular heartbeat it was thought that he could not continue playing football.

He was born into a family of four and was the last-born.

Ronaldo has never been married.

He is engaged to long-time girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez who is a 25-year-old model from Spain.

She first met Ronaldo when working at a Gucci store in Madrid

However he does have four children.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior was born in 2010 he was born in the United States.

Alana Martina is 2 years of age.

Twins Mateo a son and daughter Eva born 8th June 2017

He is said to be worth at least $450 million.

His Vila in Spain is worth £4.8 million

He has 19 cars top of the range ones.

He has had many awards and achievements including World Player of the year in 2009

His mother’s identity has never been revealed.

He started playing soccer at a young age and was in a local team at the age of 12 years of age. He started playing at a senior level at the age of 17 years of age.


Predictions for coming year 2020


He will be involved in some new project that will be connected with football.

He will consider buying a new top of the range car that costs an absolute fortune.

He will guide one of his children towards sport, determined to make them a World Champion

He will consider marriage but still hold off.

He will be involved with a book and film about his life.

His fortune will just increase and increase.

He will look at having some kind of corrective surgery.

One of his children will become an actor and show earlier on a creative side much to his delight.

He will pledge money to some Charity that will enable something to be built.

Although he has everything that money can buy he will go through a restless phase sometimes bordering on depression before he seeks peace of mind.

He will be very suspicious of a man around him giving him advice.

He will be given another award in the next twelve months that will be very exciting for him, because he likes to be the best and will always strive to be top in everything that he does.