Celebrity Spotlight


Born Shawn Corey Carter

An American Rapper, he is also a Songwriter a producer and is known as a record producer and a businessman.

He was born on 4th December 1969 aged 50 this year.

He was born in Brooklyn in New York in the United States.

He is 1.88m that is 6ft 1inch.

He is said to be worth 1 billion dollars.

He married Beyoncé in 2008

His children are called Blue Ivy Carter, Sir Carter and Rumi Carter.

He did not get any qualifications and did not complete his education.

He was the youngest of four children.

His mother Gloria was a clerk and brought them up alone when his father abandoned them.

He was interested in music when he was quite young and was nick named Jazzy that eventually became Jay-Z.

He has a violent chequered past being involved with drugs and the stabbing of one person he shot his brother in the shoulder and was himself shot but miraculously was ok.

His first step a was when he was twenty and made a record “The Originator” that was his stepping-stone into rapping.

He has had an amazing career with 21 Grammy awards and many other awards in different categories.

He owned a sports wear company and he and his wife own a company that produces movies and music

He now lives in California.


Predictions ahead for the following year.


Many changes ahead for Jay-Z.

He will seek some medical advice and need help with emotional issues especially with obtaining peace of mind and trying to remain in a happy even mood.

A new child will soon be on the horizon that will bring happiness to many.

Some big family celebration will go well.

He will sort out a future career wise with quite a close member of the family.

However he will try and get closer to another family member.

Finances will be no problem but he will always strive for more.

He will think about producing a book very soon.

He will help out an old friend whom he finds out will need help.

He will think about buying a property in Europe, as he will want to spend more time there.

He will be indecisive about whether to have an operation or not.

He will be annoyed with rumours that circulate about Beyoncé and he will try and investigate them to see if they are true.

He will try and soften his public image.