A day in the life of a Psychic – Blog 3 – Sophia Pin 7419

I’m sure there are many different and worthwhile ways of learning tarot, including books and courses and lessons, but my own psychic path has been a bit more unconventional. Nevertheless, it has worked for me. One of my mentors said that I progressed so rapidly, spirit must really want me to do this work.

I remember being fascinated by tarot as a teenager and being able to lay down cards which seemed to represent the people around me in accordance with their star-signs. But, at that time, that was all I could do. The magic that is tarot-reading had not yet been unlocked for me. So what did make the magic happen?

Fast forwards a couple of decades, and I had joined an online meditation group, ostensibly intended to train you as a healer. The head of the course kept telling me I had intuitive ability, but at the time I hardly knew what that meant. But, thanks to two-hour meditations a day (hardcore!) I definitely began developing psychic skills. I started to experience clairvoyant glimpses – for example, glimmers of a film I actually watched the next day, or a vision of a cuddly yellow star that a girl from the group had stitched.

This girl, whom I knew at that time as Harmony, became one of my good friends. She was also an excellent psychic. When we began to meet up in cafes in Camden, I would teach her ribbon readings and she would teach me tarot. The intense, focused daily meditations we were both doing seemed to heighten our psychic abilities. This helped me to learn from her and since we had a good connection, the psychic information flowed freely.

I still remember Harmony laying the cards in rows and asking me who I could identify. I began to associate particular cards with particular people in my life: Knight of Wands (sexy but not much else); King of Cups (my ex-husband); Queen of Pentacles (my houseproud mother.) Using tarot cards, Harmony accurately predicted my divorce, my house-move, and a few unsuitable boyfriends (Knights rather than Kings) before, finally, the pack spilled out the Lovers card (true love!) It took so long for him to arrive that I began to wonder if he ever would. I had to believe what the psychics say, that what is meant for you will not pass you by. I also had to heal from my past relationships and grow and evolve as a person – and in all fairness, my fiancé, the King of Wands, had to as well.

In the early stages of my learning, I remember writing to the head of the online meditation group full of excitement for the tarot and ribbon reading skills I was developing. Unfortunately, he didn’t share my excitement and I was barred from the group with no explanation. When I asked my trusty tarot pack why, I was given the Page of Swords card, which I associate with a teacher or educator. However, when I read the card psychically, the Page’s arms were shaking and his sword was wobbling. I took this to mean that the group leader, undoubtedly a gifted psychic in his own right, was feeling threatened by the abilities I was developing. It’s a shame, since I only ever worked with love and integrity, calling on spirit, angels and guides.

By now, I was using the Gilded tarot pack more and more. I had been introduced to its beautiful, highly-coloured images on a one day course and it had really resonated with me. Later, my housemate bought me a pack of my own as a birthday present – tarot packs are traditionally meant to be given as gifts. When I unwrapped the parcel, I felt a wonderful glow of warmth in my hands – usually a sign from spirit that I am on the right path. I find the figures represented in the pack look like people I know, and in my early days of learning, this was very helpful and meant that I didn’t necessarily have to memorise meanings when I could see them for myself. It

also gave an extra depth to my readings and helped me progress quite rapidly. I was continuing to learn a great deal from Harmony and I also attended workshops when I could. I went to an open day at the psychic college where I would later study, and had a tarot reading from one of the Advanced students, only to realise I was now fairly close to that level myself. However, my continued evolution from enthusiastic learner to professional psychic will be the subject of a future blog article – so says the Seven of Cups!

Revealing your Aura By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Aura


The Aura is a fascinating topic. It is an energy field of around one to two feet around living things.


To Feel Your own Aura.

All you have to do is rub your hands together and this activates the energy that you have in your body.

You will feel a tingling or warm sensation or maybe even a vibrating sensation – this is nothing to be alarmed about it is just the energy in your body.

When you feel one of these sensations place your hands with the palms facing each other.

Then slowly pull your hands apart then back together again, you should then be aware of what the Aura feels like. It may take a few times of doing this before you tune into your Aura, you do need to be relaxed and concentrating so don’t worry if you don’t get it straight away.


To See your Own Aura


It is simple to do, just face a mirror a full length one if you can.

Concentrate on the tips of your fingers and let your eyes go out of focus, extend your arm as far out as possible and you will see a fine white mist, this is the Aura.

Move your gaze very slowly and you will see your Aura around your body.

It may take a while before you see actual colours, but with practise it will come.

You can practise on plants and other people, and the colours that you see will fascinate you.

Day In The Life of a Psychic – Sophia Pin 7419

Day In The Life of A Psychic (2)…

I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong…
From my years at psychic college, I knew I had some mediumship ability. Even practising at
home, I had made contact with my friend’s mother in spirit. I had asked her whether things
would work out romantically between me and her son. ‘Not if you keep on with the other fella,’
came back the tart response. Her reply suggested to me that people in spirit really can see what
we do – and they are more likely to favour their own family members!
My own great-grandmother in spirit gave me some more helpful dating advice, ‘Choose the
man who offers you the most.’ I have often pondered this comment. I don’t think my great-
grandmother meant choose the person who offers you the most material security, but rather the
one with the kindest, most loving and most honest heart: the one who offers the most of
himself, his time, his opinions, his honesty and his attention.
Anyway, as I said, I knew I had some mediumship ability, and when I moved out of London
I was keen to join the local Circle in my new home-town and develop my skills. The group I
joined was full of lovely people, very warm and welcoming. However, the teaching methods were
a bit different to what I was used to. At psychic college, we would begin with a short meditation
and then we would be paired off with one of our classmates to see which people from spirit and
which messages came through. In this Circle though, there was one, long, guided meditation in
which the group leader led you through beautiful landscapes: fields, valleys, old country houses.
During these walks, spirit people would join you, and then after the meditation, you were
encouraged to share your experiences.
I admit, I was very impressed when one member of the group glimpsed Henry VIII in a
Tudor mansion, whilst another perfectly described my tiny, four foot eight French grandmother,
complete with white hair, navy-striped blouse and lacy, crotcheted shawl. My own visits from
spirit were more fleeting, but I kept trying, kept persevering. And then, suddenly, one week I
could barely connect at all!
I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong, or even if I was doing anything wrong at all.
The following week, on the day of the Circle, my partner started talking randomly about the
character of Monica from the TV show Friends. ‘I don’t like her,’ he kept saying. ‘I just don’t like
her.’ My ears pricked up. I knew spirit sometimes communicated with me through meaningful
coincidences, and there was a girl called Monica who had recently joined the Circle I was
attending. Could she be linked in some way to my sudden difficulties with mediumship?
I observed her closely that week. She was still a teenager, and generally well-liked by the other
members of the group. She was also a very gifted medium. I was puzzled. I felt my own abilities
were somehow being stifled, but was Monica in any way responsible?
In the end, I spoke to Elizabeth Rose’s/Moon Prediction’s psychic Agnes for some advice. I
told her the names of some of the people in the Circle, and she, like me, honed in on the fact
that Monica’s energy was in some ways problematic for me. She felt that there was a bit of
unconscious rivalry between us, and that Monica was not only unconsciously drawing on my
own energy, but that she was acting like a strong man or bouncer who was energetically barring
me from entering! However, Agnes gave me some very helpful advice. She told me I needed to
up my psychic protection techniques before I attended the Circle. She also told me to take some

amethyst and rose quartz crystals with me – at which I burst out laughing, because before the
previous Circle, I had laid these crystals out on my desk but then forgotten to take them with
me. Finally, Agnes told me to use part of the meditation to send love to Monica. She predicted
that if I did all these things, I would regain my ability. I thought this was all excellent advice. I
also picked up a pyrite crystal, intended to strengthen my aura. Then, armed with my rocks and
my new-found sense of confidence, I set off for the Circle.
That evening I directed the purest and most loving energy I could at Monica. The pyrite
crystal in my fingertips began to twitch and vibrate and it seemed that any negative energy was
being transmuted into something more positive. That evening, I was able to make contact with
my grandfather, who showed me a photo of my father when he was much younger, reminding
me of how we all used to be. Monica, in contrast, was only able to describe the braces of a spirit
person, nothing else.
Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t out to bring about Monica’s downfall or anything like that. I
just didn’t want to be giving her an energetic piggyback and I wanted my own abilities to be
restored to me. This, thanks to Agnes’s advice, is what seemed to happen. Since then, however,
the Circle I attend has been temporarily closed due to covid and various lockdowns. I miss
everyone there and wait to see, with interest, what happens when it opens up again.