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Sinead 1148

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Sinead became aware of spirit as a very young child at around the age of 4 years old, spirit would be talking to her, giving information on about people, animals and predicting future events that astonished many. A natural Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, and Animal Communicator, has been reading now for over 20 years, her readings are honest, empathic, and non-judgemental, practical a non-nonsense approach to assist clients on this journey of life. Sineads client list varies from people from all walks of life, both in the U.K and abroad, qualified in a number of therapies, such as meditation, crystals, herbs, and flower essences, she brings together all of her knowledge together with tools such as her strong intuition, Tarot, Angel, Titania, Colour Cards and Pendulum for yes or no answers. Sinead will ask spirit to come through and help you in whatever you need assistance with. Sinead specialises in love, work and direction readings, animal communication, she aims for her readings to be insightful, practical and supportive, to help clients feel empowered so they can move forward in a positive way. So if you need clarity, want a simple yes or no answer, or need direction, contact Sinead who will be happy to help you.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Medium


  • Tarot Cards


  • Love/relationships
  • Career/work
  • Pets/animals
  • Destiny/life path
  • Lost people/pets


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