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Anthena has always been aware of her gift, well since she was 11. A wonderful old lady helped her on her road to be the person she is today. She allowed her to read her tarot cards. Even at that young age she felt a strong pull to them. When she was 16 she was bought her first deck. She also taught her to read the original pack of cards. She was then Anthenas mentor and walked with her on her spiritual path that she has walked for 35 years. Anthena is a very empathic reader she is also a tarot clairvoyant and Angel card reader. Anthena does readings in regards to Work Relationships, Finance, Love. She loves question and answer readings too. She only ask clients come with an open mind; dont be afraid to ask questions. Be honest. Be open to spiritual guidance. She is a reader of strength, integrity, clarity and truth. And most of all ready with that helping hand to get you back on the right path.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Psychic


  • Tarot Cards
  • Angel Cards


  • Love/relationships
  • Career/work
  • Destiny/life path


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Testimonials for Anthena

I would like to thank Anthena as she is an astonishing reader and managed to impress me with her talent. She always connects with me by providing me with accurate details of the past and present life. She predicted some events few months ago which happened now and look forward to the rest. She is also warm, compassionate but not afraid to tell things as they are. Highly recommend her.


Reader Reviewed: Anthena 5 Stars

I had a reading with Anthena what a lovely reader .tuned in to me straight away very straight talking (which I like) her timing was spot on too
Will call again to speak to her.
Thankyou Anthena for your honesty xx


Reader Reviewed: Anthena 5 Stars