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Jo uses her ability as a Clairvoyant/ Medium /Sharman with 35 years reading experience to see into your past, present and future. Looking at your life and gently explaining to you what she sees that is happening in your life, why it is happening and the choices you can make in the here and now to aid positive outcomes. Jo covers all areas of your life - Love, Family, Career, Work and Healing. When youre having a wobble, you can see Jo as the friend who is calm, honest, and caring. Sitting beside you, giving you clarity in your reading in your darkest moments, wanting only the best outcome for you.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Medium
  • Psychic


  • Love/relationships
  • Career/work
  • Destiny/life path


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Testimonials for Jo

The first thing i am going to say is WOW!!!!!
Just had my reading with Jo. Calling in i felt upset and sad but after starting to talk with her i felt all so calm, she could feel me and understand and she saw exactly what i was suffering from. Her way of expressing things helps you see matters from a different and positive way and makes you understand more your feelings so you are able to deal with them better. By the time we were done i felt a weight lifted off me and i had a clear mind to deal with what was concerning me. I just want to say thank you , you have really helped me in many ways.


Reader Reviewed: Jo 5 Stars

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