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Sue has over 30 years experience as a reader and she is also a reiki healer. Sue has a background in psychology and has practised as a psychotherapist. She therefore uses the knowledge and skills she has gained to inject an empathetic and nurturing approach when working with clients. When reading for clients, Sue has a down to earth approach, aiming to get to the root of any issues and helping them understand and remove any emotional / mental blocks. Sue will give clients insight, direction, and guidance to support in moving on to the next stage of their lives with a more positive outlook. Primarily, Sue believes in empowering clients by enabling them to take responsibility for their own lives. As a medium, Sue is also able to tune in to the spirit world, bringing messages of inspiration and hope to clients from their loved ones. Sue uses the tarot as part her work as a clairvoyant to help provide clients to achieve a more positive and balanced life.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Medium
  • Psychic


  • Tarot Cards


  • Love/relationships
  • Career/work


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Testimonials for Sue

Excellent reader who tunes in and works with her guides giving amazing detail and insight. She delivers with humour and empathy. Really enjoyed my reading and felt completely uplifted . Very down to Earth. Brilliant reader.


Reader Reviewed: Sue 5 Stars

I just had a reading with Sue, and although I'm a frequent flyer on Elizabeth Rose, Sue was amazing, absolutely 100% spot on with everything, lots of details and messages from my guides which were absolutely pinpoint accurate and totally resonated with everything. I'm looking forwards to her predictions and will call again in a few months once they start to unfold.
Lovely lady and I'd recommend a reading with Sue.


Reader Reviewed: Sue 5 Stars

Sue was brilliant
Picked up my situation without prompting.


Reader Reviewed: Sue 5 Stars

11/09/20 Amazing!!! Correct, accurate validations and a clear understanding from my guides of my surroundings and situation. She is very good. Made predictions that I will look out for. Tapped into mediumship which was good. Offered techniques the could help me. I would recommend her time and time again based o her correct validations and understanding of my past and current situation that She was able to see and pick up on. Works free hand too. LNL. Xx


Reader Reviewed: Sue 5 Stars

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