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There are many ways that a psychic reading can be conducted. It can be face to face, via email or over the telephone.

At Elizabeth Rose we have been providing psychic telephone readings over the telephone for over 15 years. Our reputation for customer service grows year on year and have many satisfied customers. Our customers can be anywhere from Glasgow to London and even in Dubai. We welcome customers from all over the globe!

There are many benefits of conducting psychic readings over the telephone. For one, you can choose a time to suit you. You can ensure you will not be interrupted and sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home. Also, there are no travelling costs or lengthy waiting times to be factored in.

There are many different types of readings available to our customers. You may wish for a Tarot Card reading and we have many readers who use this tool along with their psychic and clairvoyancy capabilities. Some clients prefer to have a medium-ship reading and again, we have lots of mediums for you to choose from.

Pay via Credit Card

Payment for your telephone reading is taken over the phone, simply and securely, using a credit card.

A 20 minute reading is $43

A 30 minute reading is $58

We accept most credit and debit cards.

1.646.851.2084 (Pay over the phone by Credit or Debit Card)

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Customer Service Reviews

“Reception Ladies – I would like to say thank you to Wendy and and the rest of the team who answers the phone to speak to the chosen readers, they have warm caring ways and very pleasant to speak to many thanks, Sue. I review 5 stars for the ladies!”

Many of our clients would like their readings to concentrate on one particular area of their life, it could be love, career, money or family matters. It is always a good idea to let your psychic know if you wish to concentrate on one specific area and it helps to get to the crux of the matter quickly, therefore saving time and money. Some customers would like a a ‘general’ reading which covers all areas and generally the psychic will tune into whatever is most relevant as it comes through to them. If you have a specific question then do not hesitate in letting your psychic know as soon as the reading commences. If you receive information that is not entirely relevant at the time, write it down and look over it again at a later date and you may then understand where it all slots into place.

All calls are recorded and for entertainment, 18+ only, Customer care number +353 190 14576. PO Box 10337, NG19 0WB – Please read our Terms and Conditions

We also offer other ways to communicate with your psychics. See also our, email and astrology & tarot readings pages.

Psychic readings have gained popularity over the years with the advent of the internet. Research any company thoroughly and always choose a company that display genuine customer testimonials. These reviews are invaluable as they help clients choose a psychic to suit their needs at the time.

There are times in all our lives when we need clarity. A little help. Someone who’ll listen. Someone who’ll help provide direction when we might feel lost or in search of guidance.

Whatever your personal circumstances, psychic readings have been used throughout the generations to help people trying to make sense of the world and those around them.

Traditionally, psychic readings are conducted face-to-face. But fulfilling her own destiny, International Clairvoyant Psychic and Medium Elizabeth Rose and her team have been blazing a trail by making psychic readings accessible to more and more people by suing phone, email, and the internet.

The beauty of this approach to psychic readings is simple. Clients get the same – if not better – service from their psychic reader regardless of whether you’re in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds or Glasgow – in fact, anywhere in the UK and beyond.

Clients are able to take part in their psychic reading form the comfort of their own homes or a friendly, familiar space. And if you’re more relaxed and at ease, it allows Elizabeth Rose’s psychic readers to more readily tune in and focus on you and your needs.

Our psychic readers draw on their skill, their gift and a variety of methods and tools to guide all our clients

What sets us above all others is the talent, insight, and empathy of our psychic readers. It’s their psychic ability to understand our clients, unravel their needs and anxieties before charting a path to peace and success that has people coming back time and time again.

Popular Psychic Methods

Everyone has their preferred psychic method, but, without doubt, some are more popular than others.


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From the day we’re born our lives are surrounded by numbers. Birth dates, significant anniversaries, house numbers – you name it – , numbers are with us our entire lives.

Not only do our psychic readers understand this, they also understand how numbers can help explain our place in the world. By understanding the symbolic relationship between important numbers and how they reflect – and chart – our lives, Numerology gives us a unique way to view our world.


Astrology is probably one of the most well-known of approaches to helping people see through the fog of life. At its heart is the study of celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, in relation to their position and movement across the sky. Based on these universal movements, our psychic readers can make sense of how this affects our terrestrial world. And most importantly, how these celestial changes affect us all.

Tarot Cards

The skilled reading of Tarot Cards to allow us to gaze through a window into our lives has been used for hundreds of years. With a timeline many believe can be traced back to China and Ancient Egypt, it’s no wonder that Tarot Cards are one of our most popular psychic reading methods. Depending on your reading or ‘spread’ you can gain an insight into current relationships, your past, and how it impacts your life today, recurring dreams and their meaning, as well as setting goals for the immediate future.

Our Psychic People make all the difference

Since we all have our favourite approaches to unravelling the tapestry of our lives, it’s important to work with someone best suited to you and your needs. Our people – be they Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Psychics, or Mediums – are well known in psychic circles. Thanks to the Internet and phones, you can access their unique talents when you need to the most either online, virtually or by phone. And when it comes to answering those nagging questions that won’t go away, it’s good to know we’re here to help.

Whether you’re new to Elizabeth Rose – or this is your first step on life’s journey – our staff are on hand to introduce you to our psychic readers and the methods they use. This initial contact will put your mind at ease so you can explore the different psychic avenues available to you. So, get in touch. It could be a life-changing decision.