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Those were the days!

I visited a psychic fair the other day the first time for a few years and was surprised by the way things had changed and the way the clairvoyants and psychics promoted themselves, were so different. The psychics and clairvoyants had large life sized boards and posters of themselves at their tables . Gone were the quaint gypsy boards and hand painted signs the tables covered with sequins with the large crystal balls and one pack of tarot cards. The odd clairvoyant wore a decorative headdress. Instead were the smart signs and printed boards portraying their prices and the majority seemed to have featured on TV, not the small hand written signs that the clairvoyants wrote themselves any more. I walked down rows of tables selling crystals and ornaments ,I passed a large table selling books, and a lady stopped me and tried to sell me her book about positive thinking. She was quite pushy but I resisted buying and moved on. In between ornaments and tables selling crystal and incense the clairvoyants were dispersed and looked up expectantly as I passed. Some were really busy and had a paper on the table to put your name on the list and time that you wanted for a reading. It was very busy and noisy people chattering and laughing and enjoying themselves. I spotted a cafe area and bar, in the old days you could not even get a cup of tea !
Gone was the large area where customers could sit, that usually held about a 100 people where the clairvoyants in turn would stand up and give demonstrations of their expertise. Picking out people in the audience involving them and giving them mini readings. There was just a small area set aside for talks by the odd author promoting themselves. It seemed less personal and so official. Ah gone are the old days !!

Elizabeth Rose