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Numerology by reader Sharon jean

Way back to ancient times numerology was recognised as a spiritual path in which our lives are dictated. It is deemed that our lives go in spiritual cycles of nine. Our life path is dictated by the date in which we are born. So for example 4/4/1961 is determined by adding the numbers together (4+4+1+9+6+1 […]


Most of us have experienced the odd sensation of being stared at, and then turned round to find someone gazing at us. Science has always dismissed the idea of a ‘sixth sense’ as a superstition. Psychologists at the University of Freiburg in Germany now believe they have finally proved the reality of the sixth sense. […]

Our Service

All are clairvoyants are carefully tested and vetted by me. Some of our psychics are trained by me too. We are keen that all our mediums clairvoyants and psychics come up to our high standard. We pride

Those were the days!

I visited a psychic fair the other day the first time for a few years and was surprised by the way things had changed and the way the clairvoyants and psychics promoted themselves, were so different. The psychics and clairvoyants had large life sized boards and posters of themselves at their tables .

What is a Medium?

One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the difference between a medium and a psychic. The term “psychic” is often used as a phrase for anyone who works in the paranormal. We know what our five senses are – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. But we have another sense that is […]

How far back does our psychic awareness go?

At twenty weeks pregnant with twins Andrea Goodrich was given the devastating news that she could lose both her babies. However both her babies are now healthy daughters after one saved the others life before they were born. A scan had revealed that, Kiki, had a heart problem and fluid was leaking from the placenta. […]

Do you think animals are psychic?

I do. Take the Tsunami in Thailand a few years ago for instance. On the news, television and newspapers, there were hardly any reports of animals being killed? But there were reports of animals behaving in strange ways. For instance an elephant that was used by tourists to have rides broke loose from his keepers […]

Welcome to Elizabeth Rose

Welcome to the new Elizabeth Rose website! Stay tuned for updates, news and all the latest from the world of Clairvoyants and mediumship!