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Do you think animals are psychic?

I do. Take the Tsunami in Thailand a few years ago for instance. On the news, television and newspapers, there were hardly any reports of animals being killed? But there were reports of animals behaving in strange ways. For instance an elephant that was used by tourists to have rides broke loose from his keepers and made for higher ground. Ok he knew that something was going on but why head for higher ground? Was this his instinct? Or was it because he was he was psychic and knew he had to get to higher ground. There were many instances similar to this reported at the time.

Some years ago I was a community midwife. Many a patient near her due date would ask me when my baby will be born. I had noticed over the years that any patient who had a cat or a dog would often find about twenty four hours before labour started, sometimes even two or three days before their pet would not leave them, they would not want to go out and seemed to want to be near them all the time. I have known some dogs would not even want to go out for their routine walkies. This I am sure was because, the animal new that the delivery was imminent and wanted to be close to their owner. It did not happen every time but it happened too many times to be coincidental. So you could say that our pets are very psychic and communicate with us, some more than others.

I was talking with a friend the other day and during the Second World War when there was an air raid, the family would go and sit under the stairs. It was a stone cottage with a stone staircase. Their mongrel dog Peg would go and sit under the stairs fifteen minutes before the sirens went. How did she know? Was she psychic?

Years ago my mother had a poodle called Tina. I was visiting my mum one day when Tina barked rapidly then the phone rang. I asked my mother what she was barking at. She said, she always barked before the phone rang. I found this really strange because, she barked a few seconds before the phone rang and judging by the time she barked, it must have been before the person at the other end dialled.


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