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How far back does our psychic awareness go?

At twenty weeks pregnant with twins Andrea Goodrich was given the devastating news that she could lose both her babies. However both her babies are now healthy daughters after one saved the others life before they were born.

A scan had revealed that, Kiki, had a heart problem and fluid was leaking from the placenta. However her sister Nico positioned herself so low in the womb that she acted as a plug, preventing a miscarriage.

Mrs Goodrich aged 39 is from Camberley, Surrey she believed that Nico acted as her sister’s guardian angel and saved her sisters life. It was as if she sensed something was wrong and saved her sister as according to the medical evidence they should not be alive.

Doctors noticed a strange halo around Kikis heart. She was referred for tests to a London Hospital but within two days started bleeding and Doctors told them the placenta had ruptured.

They were also told that there was a tear in the amniotic sac, which meant her waters were leaking.

Doctors told then there was no chance of survival if they were born. She was admitted to Hospital to await the miscarriage her Doctors had predicted, but were amazed when a scan showed Nico who was healthy with an intact placenta lying underneath Kiki.

Nico stayed in that position until Mrs Goodrich went into labour and had an emergency caesarean.

Both babies are now at home and healthy and Kikis heart condition has disappeared this has baffled the Doctors. The twins are non identical but have a special bond wanting to see and be near each other.

Do you know of any psychic stories about babies or children? If so we would love to hear from you.

Elizabeth Rose