Introduction to Psychic Readings

A lot of mystery and a lot of misconception are associated with psychic readings.

Many people poo poo psychics, but psychics have existed since the beginning of time in one-way or another.

Whether is it divining by using the stars or an animals entrails, it has always been there.

I think perhaps people who say they don’t believe are maybe scared and just don’t want to know.

However there are many that have benefited and found comfort and also support through trying times in their lives, by having psychic readings.

What is it, a psychic reading?

Well it is a way of looking into the future for the person requesting it.

It is also a way to receive advice and support and counselling if requested.

Psychics are able to connect or tune in with a person, and accurately some psychics amazingly accurately, and give them information about their future.

Psychics usually have many qualifications and they work to our rules.

Looking into romance, family problems, career, and many other aspects of a person’s life; in order to give them hope and a positive future.

Our psychics are frowned upon giving any medical predictions or medical advice to their client.

Psychics who work for our company are vetted and have to have references to prove their qualities in order to work for us.

Galaxy – The Milky Way – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Milky Way is known as the galaxy that contains our Solar System.

It gets its name from the hazy light that is seen from Earth.

The stars that are too far away to be individually seen from the Earth produce this light.

It is said that the Milky Way will collide with The Andromeda Galaxy in about five billion years!!!

There are about 200 billion stars in our Galaxy.

It is only the last few years that scientists found that there are others Galaxies they thought that there was only our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

We do not know how many other Galaxies there are out there, but scientists say that there are least 100 billion and that there are probably 200 billion, greater technologies will reveal this over time.

It does have a halo but you cannot see it.

It is very dusty and it a gassy Galaxy.

There is a black hole in the Centre of the Galaxy.

It is also supposed to be as old as the Universe itself.

The Milky Way is constantly moving it does not stay still.

It moves an astounding 1.5 million miles per hour.

The Solar System lies about 30,000 light-years from the Centre of the Galaxy and about 20 light-years above the plane of the Galaxy.

The plane is the plane on which most of a disk-shaped mass lies in the Galaxy.

 Galileo Galilei discovered the Milky Way in 1610 when looking through a telescope.

The Controlling Plants of Pisces – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The controlling Planets of Pisces – 19 February-20th March,

There are two planets ruling Pisces – Neptune and Jupiter.

When Neptune is in Pisces we can expect major changes.

Those under the sign of Pisces can sometimes have a spiritual awakening.

They may be already psychic or begin to experience the spiritual side of life.

They may be dreaming and day dreaming more than usual and find it difficult to get going.

Neptune takes 165 year to circle the Zodiac and orbit the sun.

Neptune according to Roman Mythology is the Roman God of the Sea.

The planet was discovered by Jean Joseph Le Verrier.

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun and the furthest away.

In the solar system it has the fourth-largest diameter of other planets.

Neptune is 4.495 billion km form the Sun.

It has the second largest gravity in the solar system.

Its Radius is 24,622 km.

It has 14 moons which all have names

Voyager 2 sent to Neptune found that on the southern hemisphere was a large dark storm and this was named as Great Dark Spot.

The dark blue colour and bright white features of Neptune help to distinguish it from Uranus.

The cirrus white clouds actually contain methane ice.