Oct 23rd – Nov 21st

Your weekly horoscope from Monday 17th January – Sunday 23rd January.

Those thinking of moving in with a partner will have one or two loose ends to sort out first. A financial dispute will upset you for a while till it is all sorted out in fact. You will go out with a friend for a day of retail therapy, watch the impulse spending though or you will regret it later. An ex will text you out of the blue, but you will not know whether to respond or not.

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Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and is a water sign. It spans October 21st to November 23rd.

Scorpio Strengths: Loyal, Dynamic, Resourceful, Passionate and Observant

Scorpio Weaknesses: Suspicious, Jealous, Manipulative and Obsessive

Traits of a Scorpio: A very intense and extreme zodiac sign. There is always more than meets the eye with Scorpios and should never be taken at face value. They are incredibly deep and may come across as cool and detached. Forever asking questions, Scorpios love to know everything about you. Naturally they are dominant and will try to take control and almost certainly will if you let them. Outwardly, Scorpios appear to be mysterious and this draws people to them.

If you want to attract a Scorpio man then you need to practise the art of seduction – They can be easily flattered into bed. That being said, if you try to keep them longer than one night you will have a struggle. The key to keeping a Scorpio man interested is to be completely honest with him and do not play games. He will give up very quickly if he feels that you are deceiving him. Scorpio males have a hard time understanding their own emotions and if you push them to tell you what they are feeling be prepared for some conflicting answers.

If you wish to attract a Scorpio woman you need to realise that they are emotional and demanding and not for the faint hearted! The Scorpio lady is very challenging but you will get so much reward in return if you persist. Though she will be flirtatious she will not give her heart easily but when she does you will get a whole heap of loving! All she really wants is a committed relationship and if you can show her that you mean business she will eventually consider you.

Scorpios in general: A very extreme and intense zodiac sign and they do not show everything they have to offer straight away. There is a lot more going on under their cool exterior that you could ever imagine. They might show themselves externally as being cool and detached but inside they are intensely passionate and have a strong will. Scorpios always want to know the finer details and will probe and ask questions until they are satisfied you have given a truthful answer. Quite often their possessive nature can cause problems in their relationships but if you have nothing to hide and are completely honest then this could be the match for you. Once you have secured your place in the heart of a Scorpio you will be rewarded with unquestioning loyalty, love and devotion.

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