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Your weekly horoscopes.

Feb 19th – March 20th
In matters of the heart, remain calm Pisces. Don’t jump to conclusions and allow conversation to flow freely without interruption – you will be so relieved that you did. Try not to react too strongly in the workplace when proposed with a new change – once you give it some thought you will understand this change is greatly needed.

Jan 20th – Feb 18th
A meeting with a family member will go well, Aquarius. Old injustices will be forgotten and a new way to move forward found. Clarity will be brought into a new relationship and you will kick yourself for letting your mind run away with you. You will earn new respect in the workplace for tackling an issue head on.

Dec 22nd – Jan 19th
Don’t fall into the trap of gossiping, Capricorn. Let others do their own bidding and keep schtum. Their is an emphasis on privacy this week so be mindful of where you are sharing your personal information. There will be progress with a new love interest, so much so that you will wonder if it is now moving too quickly!

Nov 22nd – Dec 21st
You have information that someone wants, Sagittarius. Be mindful of how you share this so as not to make another party look bad as they truly weren’t intending to be. A past relationship will be a source of concern for your partner, be as reassuring as possible but don’t be made to feel like you are doing something wrong when you clearly aren’t.

Oct 23rd – Nov 21st
You need to muster up some courage, Scorpio. You know what you want and are reluctant to step up but you should do it now. You will be overjoyed that you did! You should offer to help a struggling colleague, it will make all the difference to them and a firm friendship will evolve. An offer of a night out shouldn’t be passed up.

Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd
You’ve been waiting for a decision, Libra and it will come this week. You will be happy at the outcome and feel relieved this part of your journey has come to an end. A loved one will make an extra special effort and this in turn will put your mind at rest about their commitment. A family member has some great news!

Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd
A work meeting will be positive, Virgo. Though you have been worried you will realise this in the coming days that there is little to be concerned about. A partner will be cooperative around housing plans. A holiday abroad will need some serious planning, and don’t forget to check online reviews before committing your hard earned cash.

July 23rd – Aug 22nd
It all about connections this week, Leo. Maintain your trust in a loved one and it will be rewarded ten fold. Exercise restraint in moaning at your partner, in this instance they are really trying their best. Don’t rush in to a big purchase, this isn’t the time to be splashing the cash and you will get a better deal later down the line.

June 21st – July 22nd
You will find yourself leading others this week, Cancer. You will be influential in the workplace and this is the time to put forward your ideas as they will be well received. A friend will need your support and though you’ve not been as close recently it would be churlish to refuse your help. Be patient in a matter of the heart.

May 21st - June 20th
A personal relationship is going places, Gemini. You may believe that it was dead in the water, however, contact will resume. Take some well need time out with friends and let your hair down, being serious all of the time is not good for you. Maintain a sense of self during a tricky time at work, you know you’re on the right track and others will soon see it too.