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Your weekly horoscopes.

Feb 19th – March 20th
You will feel that a friendship is at last turning into a romantic relationship. Try not to push it and take it steady. You will think about postponing or re-arranging a holiday. Singles will have the pleasure of a holiday romance when visiting another country!! A legal document will need to be sorted out straight away or things could get complicated. You will think about taking a cake to someone who is elderly.

Jan 20th – Feb 18th
Where a new relationship is concerned you will feel that someone is behaving a bit over the top with gifts galore and so much attention. You will wonder whether they are a bit controlling or obsessive in some way. Draw back a bit and see how it goes, time will tell. A friend will try and persuade you to take a break abroad with you. Long-term relationships go well this weekend, and you will consider splashing the cash.

Dec 22nd – Jan 19th
A partner or friend or family will pressurise you to do something about your job, as you will not be very happy about it in some way. Maybe you should take their advice. Singles will meet someone new in a wine bar this weekend. A plumber may well be soon on the way due to a problem with water in some way. A small cash amount that arrives out of the blue will be very welcome.

Nov 22nd – Dec 21st
You will be really annoyed with someone when you realize that they are interfering in your relationship. However, it seems that you are fighting a losing battle, as your partner will either not do anything about it or not acknowledge it. So, it will lead to a frustrating situation for you, do you knock the relationship on the head, or persevere the choice is yours? The finances will finally smooth out and you will feel a lot better about your budget.

Oct 23rd – Nov 21st
Someone close will want to see more of you and you will suspect this is because they have broken a relationship off. Which will needle you a bit as you will wonder whether you are just being used, or do they genuinely want your company. Singles will meet someone new this weekend and be very intrigued but not quite sure whether to see them again. You will be pleased when someone gives you a book by one of your favourite authors.

Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd
It’s all about balance this weekend and prioritising what you have to do first, before you can rest and chill out. Friends or family will want to come round and see you just when you thought you would have time to yourself. You will think about joining a club or some kind of group, and you will talk with someone who is in the know. A friend will want you to go on a holiday with them.

Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd
You will be a group that is arranging something, and you will feel that the balance of work is unfair and that you are doing too much, and people are relying on you all the time with various excuses to let them off why they cannot do things. It is up to you to speak out to reset the balance. A diet will go well with a few pounds off before an important event. An on-off relationship will finally bite the dust. At least you will know where you stand.

July 23rd – Aug 22nd
You will be a bit taken aback when someone shows you rather a lot of attention. You will get an offer from someone to do a job that needs doing in your home when you talk about it, and they won’t want paying, either!! So, it will save you getting a professional and having to pay out for it. You will have a conversation with someone who is in another country but feel a bit frustrated about it.

June 21st – July 22nd
A good friend will ask you to go to the cinema this weekend. You will toy with the idea of having a barbeque and ask around who would be interested, and the answer is everyone!! You will spend some time looking at clothes as you will get an invite to a wedding, and it will have to be just right before you buy anything. Romance is in the air this weekend for new relationships, a cosy night in with a bottle of wine looks good.

May 21st - June 20th
You will need to talk with someone at a bank or of someone of some financial nature to sort out a current problem. A small gift like chocolates or flowers will warm your heart. You will look at some materials with a view to do with something in your home. Gardeners will think about introducing water to their garden and look around this weekend to see what is on offer.