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Day In The Life of A Psychic (5)

In my last couple of blog articles, I have been writing about my journey towards becoming a professional psychic. If I had known, in my first class at college, that it would take so long to reach a level of skill where I was ready to work professionally, I might have felt discouraged. However, the journey itself proved to be so fascinating that I came to realise that this, and not the end goal, was what really was of importance.

When I look over the pages of my psychic journal, for example, I find the notes of a beautiful reading that one of my classmates did for me back in 2013. The cards we were working with seemed to trigger clairvoyant visions. For me, she saw me crushed down by a weight, like in the old cartoons, but she felt I would come out from under it. She also saw some magnificent, swirling, flowing horses – like something out of an Odilon Redon painting. She felt that the message of this vision was that I should allow more magic into my world and into the work I do with children (English and Art tutoring.) Then she saw me in a lovely meadow full of sunflowers, and, in her vision, the flowers and I were turning our faces towards the sun. The sun shone down, filling me with radiance, healing, light and energy. She carried out this reading at a very difficult time in my life, when I was going through a difficult divorce, and yet her words seemed to impart the conviction that all would be well. This reminds me of what another psychic tutor used to say, that the purpose of psychic readings is to heal with words.

A crucial step in working professionally occurred when I applied for work as an online text tarot psychic. I made it my goal to try and complete fifty short readings of three text messages per day. Pursuing this over several months certainly sharpened both the speed and the skill of my readings.

Then my tutor at college suggested that some of my classmates and I might like to give readings at a Fairy Fayre, which he described as a big event. We duly signed ourselves up: me with my ribbons and tarot cards, the Angel Card lady, a medium and a healer. When we arrived, we found that the other stallholders had really gone to town with fairy corsets, elf costumes, pixie boots, glittery wings, vampire fangs and witch and wizard hats. Despite being dismissive of the elf aesthetic, which really wasn’t his thing, our tutor nevertheless took a shine to a passing warlock.

I was wearing a black, long-sleeved top with a green velvet waistcoat and fondly imagined that I looked like something out of Robin of Sherwood. However, that was our only concession to the fairy look. Angel Card lady, who had qualifications in psychology and counselling to boot, was quite insistent that we were modern psychics, and that there should be nothing ‘hocus pocus’ or ‘woo woo’ about what we did. I admit, sometimes I didn’t always see eye-to-eye with her, as I liked to retain a bit of a sense of mystery and magic to what I did.

I remember one particular client from the Fairy Fayre. I carried out a reading for her using my ribbons. I remember psychically seeing the navy-blue and aquamarine paintings of her talented son, and that this was a good, creative outlet for him. Although we followed standard guidelines not to give medical advice, I could see that an email that this client had written to a consultant about her son had somehow gone astray, and that she should send it again. She seemed a lovely woman, somewhat worn down by the vicissitudes of life, and I hope I was able to offer her some comfort.

The Fairy Fayre was reasonably successful for us. After that, my good friend Amna was becoming quite ambitious for me. She urged me to try out for different psychic companies, as

did my tutor at college. I remember that Amma was visiting me the day I did my first set of test readings for Elizabeth Rose/Moon Predictions. She did some reiki healing to calm my nerves just before. Actually, I tend to find a bit of reiki healing before psychic work seems to enhance the flow of energy: Divine White Light and Rest, Relaxation, Reiki companies, free on Youtube, seem very good. On that day, I read for Wendy and Sue, and my impression was that it went quite well. A few hours later, Wendy telephoned me back and said that they had recently taken on another psychic with a similar skill set to me. She was very friendly though and encouraged me to try again in the future.

In the end, I worked for another psychic company for a short while and began to learn about the kinds of clients whose energy I was compatible with, and the kind of readings I could provide. I still remember though, one client who phoned up and asked when she was going to become a millionaire! Eventually, I left that company because energetically, it didn’t feel quite right for me, although I continued to hone my tarot skills on online platforms. In the end, I used my pendulum to ask when would be a good month to re-apply to Elizabeth Rose/Moon Predictions, and I was given July. This made perfect sense to me, as I knew my tutoring work would be winding down by then for the summer, and I could devote more energy to reading for new psychic clients. So, some time in July 2018, I did some more test readings, which I passed. Pretty soon, I was ready to begin my first day of work…

The History of Auras by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The History of Auras

 The fascinating subject of Auras.

You may be interested to know, that they were first discovered in 1939 by a Russian Scientist called Semyon Kirlian.

He discovered the Aura by accident, he had put an object on a photographic plate which was connected to a source of electricity, which then showed the object, surrounded by some strange energy and the rest is history as they say.

Many Acupuncturists and Doctors believe that you can use the Auras to help determine people’s health in diagnosis, others poo poo it and think it is just the escape of particles of the skin the air and the electricity that is given off by the person.

In the 80’s there was someone called Dr Guy Coggins he was an engineer, and he was very interested in cosmic energy. He was interested in crystals and mood rings. He eventually brought out the first aura camera for sale. The camera gave the chance for people to see their own auras in a photograph. This was called the AuraCam3000 and however was later replaced by the AuraCam6000 which would cost you a tidy $10,000.

Occasionally you would see these cameras at psychic fairs and similar venues and would pay at least £20 years ago, for the pleasure of seeing your Aura.

There are even artists who like to paint the Aura, a fascinating topic for us to view.

Day In The Life of A Psychic (4) – Sophia

Day In The Life of A Psychic (4)

‘I took the road less travelled by…’ In my previous blog article, I wrote about the beginning of my journey from keen tarot learner to professional psychic. It’s a subject I would like to take up again today.

At the time of which I’m writing, I had enrolled at psychic college. I was learning lots of new and exciting things, including ribbon reading, angel card reading, pipe cleaner reading (!) and even carpet reading (!) The latter allowed me to see a woman’s pet cat in the carpet, by which I mean not just a few odd shapes or shadows that resembled her pet, but her actual ginger-and-white cat complete with pointed ears and whiskers.

I very much enjoyed all the different things I was learning. I seemed to have a real knack for ribbon reading. However, although I was able to make a connection using angel cards, and found the angelic message, that I had not been abandoned, very reassuring, the energy of that particular angel, Cassiel, was a bit overwhelming. I then carried out an angel card reading for one of my classmates, and using the imagery of the cards, I saw a little boy opening Christmas presents, (train set, toy soldiers), and my classmate standing on a high-up wooden bridge with a river flowing beneath her. I saw her hands around a blue oval globe, and light emanating from it. I saw a small purple flower like a fox-glove, and then a fox that was sporting a green jacket and a winning smile, like something out of a Beatrix Potter story. I felt that this was a slightly tricky person in my classmate’s life but that if she survived her encounter with him, she would pass into a beautiful meadow full of daisies and buttercups. The energy of the cards we were working with was loving, but almost too powerful – and I choose not to work with angel cards today. Nevertheless, the extensive meditations before every session at psychic college seemed to boost my psychic abilities and this was also helpful for my own private tarot learning.

One evening after psychic college, I carried out a tarot reading for my good friend Harmony. I turned over the Chariot card for her, which in my pack consisted of a black-and-white horse pulling a carriage. I read this card as being indicative of her feelings about love. She wanted the fairy-tale romance that the white horse promised but was fearful love might turn out to be the dark horse, mysterious and possibly even menacing. Afterwards, Harmony confirmed that was how she had been thinking about love.

A few months later, I became friends with Amna (not her real name), the mother of one my English students. She also proved to be a very naturally psychically gifted lady – to the extent that when I told her on the phone that Harmony was on holiday, she told me where, Canada, just like that. Amna was also very encouraging of my tarot reading, and I often used to give practise readings to her and her daughter. In addition, Amna was a qualified Reiki practitioner and eventually she decided we needed to make our skills known to the wider world. So she booked us a stall at a New Age Festival in Richmond. I told my new tutor about this at psychic college, and he persuaded me to invite a couple of my classmates to take part.

I found the first reading at the fair incredibly difficult, and then my classmate asked me if I had remembered to open up my chakras. Doh! In psychic terms, this is about as basic as remembering to brush your teeth before a job interview. After I opened up, the information flowed much more freely. Again, the Chariot card came up for a particular client. Because the charioteer was swathed in concealing veils, I psychically read the card to mean that someone this lady was dating was deceiving her. Afterwards, she confirmed this was correct.

This particular lady made me realise that spirit is quite likely to send clients to me who have been through life experiences similar to my own. This means I can approach their challenges in a an empathetic, yet practical, grounded way. Similarly, I remember my tutor at psychic college describing how he had tragically lost his partner in a boating accident. He often said that several of his own psychic clients had experienced the same tragedy, although, statistically, that must be quite rare, and suggests there is far more at work here than mere coincidence.

The New Age Festival was my first experience of working professionally as a psychic, although I had been studying at psychic college for around four years by then. Prior to that, I had undertaken two years of a fairly intense online meditation and healing course. However, there were still some further steps I needed to take before I was ready to apply to Moon Predictions and Elizabeth Rose: at that point I hadn’t ever carried out a single reading on the telephone!